Our church heart beat is...


    always looking to give love and hope to a broken world

    The gospel of the Lord Jesus is the deep water we long to swim in and deserves to be the constant focus of our lives.

    Gen. 3:15Is. 7952-53Jn. 3Rom. 1:1-416-17

  • generous

    money to ministry

    Asking the question, Is this necessary?  We believe in less spending, less stuff, less distractions. Our hope is to keep the main things the main things, Jesus and people.

    2 Thes. 3:111 Tim. 5:13

  • we are a sent  people

    near and/or far lifestyle

    Missions is not one program among many programs, but drives everything we do. Missions relates to the deepest part of who we are: people sent by the Spirit of God to redeem a broken world.

    Matt. 28:18-20Acts 1:8


    life-giver, teacher, counselor, and energizer

    The Spirit of God has given us new life now, empowering the true church to live boldly as new creations in Christ, indwelling us, gifting us, and filling us to rightly understand Scripture, share the gospel, and live transformed lives.

    John 14:16-17262 Corinthians 5:17-21Ephesians 1:13-145:18-20


    unchanging, always true, never fails

    The entire Word of God is true, and therefore always relevant and the central focus of our life as a church.

    Ps. 119Jn. 17:17-191 Tim. 4:62 Tim. 1:132:15


    God's love expressed by God's people

    The idea of koinonia is not just a Christian huddling together for fellowship--it is a community active in mission, made alive by God's Spirit, flexible enough to step into whatever God intends.

    Acts 2:422 Cor. 6:14Phil. 1:42:1Heb 13:161 Jn. 1:36


    discipled to make disciples

    We see ourselves as preparers and senders of the saints. Our plan to impact the world is to disciple people and send them ready to live out the gospel in their everyday lives.

    Eph. 4:11-142 Tim. 2:22 Tim. 3:16-17