Ted Kayser

I, Ted, became a Christian through the witness of my grandfather and the ministry of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship on the campus of what is now Trine University in Angola, Indiana.  My life passion was aviation.  I earned a pilot’s license and my degree in Aeronautical Engineering.  The Boeing Airplane Company in Seattle, Washington hired me and I worked on the 747 as a stress engineer.  During my days at Boeing, I attended a missionary minded church with frequent missionary speakers.  One of those speakers was an SIM missionary who gave me a book on the great revival in Ethiopia, “Fire on the Mountains.”  When I read the book, I never dreamed I would one day meet the very heroes of that book.  I felt a strong calling to prepare myself for missionary service.  I left Boeing and attended Multnomah School of the Bible which qualified me to work in the Bible school ministry in Ethiopia.  Unfortunately, a Communist revolution broke out and over 200 SIM missionaries were forced out of the country, myself included.  Brokenhearted, I felt like I was leaving ashes on the mountains.  I was reassigned to Nigeria where I met my late wife who was a Ugandan student.  We were married and served together at Igbaja Seminary where my wife started a children’s ministry patterned after Child Evangelism Fellowship.  After 20 years of ministry her dream was to start a similar ministry in Uganda.  Her dream turned into a nightmare when she was diagnosed with cancer and died two years later.  I met Fridah at our church, Kampala International Church.  We worked together on the same committee.  Although Fridah was considerably younger than I was, we were compatible in every area of our lives and goals.  After much prayer and encouragement from my colleagues we were married in 2018.  Since then, she has received her US Green Card and we are planning to return to Uganda to pick up where we left off before the pandemic.  I am continuing with Kampala Evangelical School of Theology and Fridah with her ministry with homeless street kids. 

Fridah Kayser

I, Fridah, was born on October 02, 1980, 40 years ago from a polygamous family of 24 siblings (5 passed on and we are currently 19, that is 11 boys and 8 girls) in Kampala Uganda, in East Africa. In 1994, we lost our father and remained with Mom who raised us up on her own. Life was very difficult with Mom; however, God was always faithful in providing for all our needs during our growing up.

Our Mom always took us to church and we attended Sunday school. I gave my life to Christ and got baptized in 1995. God was always faithful in my life. Even though in difficult circumstances I was able to complete my high school. Then I enrolled for university studies and completed a BA in 2008 and an MBA in 2012.

All my life I have always loved serving God, I was in our Sunday school choir, youth choir, University Scripture Union choir and now I serve in the ministry of street children.

As a young lady, I prayed that God would bless me with a good husband who would be after His own heart. I waited on God until January 2018, when I married the man of my dreams, Ted Kayser. God answered my prayer by bringing Ted in my life.

We both serve God together in Kampala Uganda. Ted teaches at a Bible school as I reach the street children.

Thank you for your interest and prayer for us.