OHBC is committed to your students and committed to helping you raise them to have a faith unshaken by the world.

Middle and high school students are again meeting in person every Tuesday evening 6–8 pm at Oak Hill Baptist Church. Contact Kyle Hope for more information.

We know the teen years can be some of the hardest years a person faces in their life, but also the most valuable to shape a person for the rest of their life. That's why at Oak Hill Bible Church we strive to love, encourage, and equip our students to know Jesus and grow in their relationship with him. We are not gathering to just play some games and babysit, we are gathering....to develop a faith and community of friends unshaken in their faith!

We teach all our middle school and high school kids to study the bible for themselves using a simple but seminary tested method called inductive bible study. It is transformative for understanding what Scripture actually says, to avoid being deceived by false teaching.

We teach our students to think biblically. In a world that is doing its best to destroy our young people with secular myths of gender, race, and purpose in life. We feel it is vital to give our students what they need to not get sucked into the world, but live boldly for Christ!

OHBC students serve. We continue to provide opportunities to serve all kinds of people that need the love of Christ. Students learn the value of putting others before themselves and working together to show this community the love of Christ.

FUN! We like to laugh, and we want all our students to love coming to Student Ministry. So, we will never embarrass your child, nor put them in an awkward spot, but always provide a safe and encouraging environment.