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Romans 6:1-9 A New Being

Todd Erdner continues his study through Romans.  Recorded Sunday, January 28, 2018 at OHBC.

I Samuel 24 David: When It Is Time To Go


recorded January 21, 2018 at OHBC Guest preacher Toby Shockey takes us through a moment in David’s life where David had to trust God even when the situation seemed obvious that he should not trust God.

Wrestling With God


Guest Preacher Toby Shockey visits OHBC again. He shares with us how the odd account of Jacob wrestling with God can show us how we should respond when we ourselves are struggling with God. recorded at OHBC on Sunday, Jan 14, 2018    

Famine, Family and Faith- Genesis 12:10-20


Guest Pastor Toby Shockey preaches today on how we should respond to difficulties.  Even Abram in his great faith can be an example of how an improper response can lead to exponential problems. Recorded at OHBC on Sunday, December 17, 2017