ATX-GUA: July 2018!

AUSTIN•GUATEMALA is a 10-day mission trip specifically for OHBC teens & young adults plus adult leaders but outside youth will be considered in certain circumstances.

ATX•GUA will use curriculum and successful programs designed by CRU and Service for Pastors And Leaders who will provide guides and consultation.

The schedule will be full of service work, evangelism as well as fun. Health, travel stamina and mission-mindfulness are critical for participants.


Who can go on ATX•GUA?

The trip is designed primarily for the teens & young adults of Oak Hill Bible Church.  However, other participants may be considered if certain requirements are met.

Older OHBC members of the church are welcome to attend and lead during the trip.  But other leadership opportunities are available as the group trains for this great work and service.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No, but there is plenty of time to get to learn enough Español that will make your mission trip more effective, meaningful and enjoyable.  Fluent translators will always be available.  Much of the planned programs will not require any mastery of Spanish.

How much will it cost?

We estimate that the total cost, including airfare, will be around $1400 per person. Fundraiser and scholarship opportunities can be determined when this expense might keep a highly motivate candidate from participating.

Do I need to apply and be selected?

Yes, there will be an application and interview process. Specific qualifications  will be announced a little later. Adults will need to meet certain background requirements.

Additionally, those selected to go abroad will be required to attend weekly training sessions beginning mid-April 2018.

Is it safe to travel in Guatemala?

Guatemala is a third world country with all of the security concerns that are symptomatic of social uncertainty. The personal safety and security of the ATX•GUA missionaries is a top priority.  Embedded guides and supervisors from the CRU and SEPAL mission organizations are expert specialists of Guatemala and very familiar with all of the areas we will be visiting.

Crime against foreigners is always a possibility but is highly unlikely when caution and safe policies are kept.

What about passports, immunizations, medical care?

All of the travel specifics and requirements will be available soon.  But travel to Guatemala is quite routine and needs no special travel accreditation.