All Classes 9:00 – 10:00 am

  • Adults: 20-200
  • Teens: 13-20
  • PreTeens: 9-13
  • Kids: 5-8
  • Preschool: 2-4
  • Nursery School: 1-2

AGES 20-200 (Fellowship Building)

For young & older adults who want an informal Bible study and discussion on personal perspectives on selected books of the Bible. As an open forum this class offers plenty of opportunities to ask specific questions regarding relevancy to today’s Christian and world.

Current Study: Letter to Romans led by Stephen Armstrong

AGES 13-20 (Youth Building, Rm 202)

Casual lounge atmosphere surrounds the teens as they look into relevant issues in Christian living as they dig through Scripture.

Current Study: Habakuk led by Travis Kirsch

AGES 9-13 (Youth Building, Rm 203)

Engaging Bible study and activities with group discussion for preteens.

Current Study: Answers in Genesis Bible Curriculum led by Jeanette Cameron

AGES 5-8 (Youth Building, Rm 201)

Ages 5-8 who are learning God’s Word and His ways through Bible study, prayer, singing, art, and play.

Plenty of crafts and playtime to keep a growing mind and body focused on faith.

Current Study: “God’s Justice and Mercy” from Answers in Genesis led by Kimberly Spain.

AGES 2-4 (Youth Building, Rm 105)

Pre-K kids ages 2-4 have a blast with Bible-centered crafts, activities and games.

Current Study:

AGES 1-2 (Youth Building, Rm 100)

For tiny people with big ambitions and want an intense Bible study free of exegesis perspective.

Current Study: The Apocrypha: The Biblical Inerrancy and The Politicized Church During the First Canonization Period, led by Sarah Hatley