• a non-denominational, independent Bible church emphasizing grace and truth

• a small, loving community of Jesus Christ followers seeking to grow by reaching Austin with the Gospel

• Christians responding to the call to grow ourselves in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and desiring to show Christ in our words and lives

Please see our STATEMENT OF FAITH for specifics on what we believe and teach as a church body.


In sermons, Sunday School, and small groups we endeavor to use a verse-by-verse methodology to help us understand the Bible. Not only does this present the Word of God in a proper simple context, but also helps us understand the factual, thematic, cultural, and historical significance of the passages studied.


More about verse-by-verse methodology
Please see Group Meetings for specific studies.


Worship Service
Sundays 10:30-noon


In every service participants come before the Lord, each with his own authentic personalities & abilities, ready to worship Him and not ourselves.

Volunteer members of the congregation lead many aspects of the service including prayer, Scripture reading, and announcements.
So expect personal authentic celebration rather than a polished performance. Delight and occasional levity are certain when we are ourselves!


Worship songs range from folk to funky and are led by our sprawling 10-member worship band. Everyone sings along to new favorites as well as classics.

Old hymns remixed with contemporary arrangements are a hallmark of Music Director John Lindsley.


Apart from Group Meetings we socialize over coffee, doughnuts, and other treats baked by OHBC’s resident baker about 30 minutes before Sunday worship service. Leave your calorie counter at home.

Several times a year we schedule good old-fashioned potluck lunches after worship service or whenever we just want to get together, eat, have fun, and eat some more.












The OHBC Library is located behind the Nursery on the ground floor of the Youth Building. A large collection of books are available for check-out before and after church service. The library is maintained by Jeanette Cameron.

Library Database of Books